Best Anabolic Steroids for Strength, Strength and Size

Best Anabolic Steroids for Strength, Strength and Size

This is the least popular type of article to write, but the most popular among readers. The paradox is that the claim that the use/abuse of anabolic steroids and androgens (AAS) suggests that they are a determining factor in the achievement of bodybuilders and athletes legitimizes illegal and misuse by vulnerable and ignorant adolescents and young adults; subjects readers to temptations and choices; and contributes to the illegal distribution of AAS using unscrupulous individuals, which makes it difficult to accept indications for prescribed and controlled use.

Best Anabolic Steroids for Strength, Strength and Size

However, readers are looking for the physical rewards only achievable when AAS enhance the effects of strength training, as well as diet and lifestyle support.

The rewards for many AAS are not only physical, but can improve social status, financial gain, job opportunity/security, self-esteem, and, oddly enough, health if used consciously.

There are three answers most sought after by young AAS users and campers: power, strength, and size.

They are by no means exclusive, and most are looking for a component of all three. Force and force are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

Power is the metric that matters the most for athletic performance, as it indicates the amount of force a muscle can produce per unit of time. For example, a standing vertical jump is a common measure of strength.

Force is the amount of “mass times acceleration” that can be manifested by a single effort. This is best represented by 1RM in the bench press, squat and deadlift.

Power and force measurement:

Both power and strength can be measured in absolute or relative terms. For example, a 100kg powerlifter who pushes 200kg on the bench press is stronger than a 90kg gym goer who does 1 rep with 190kg on the same bench.

However, the gym goer has a higher relative strength since his maximum is greater than his body weight – 190/90 = 2.11 versus 200/100 = 2.00.

Take, for example, the Olympic shot putter. He can throw 20 meters or more at a weight of 7,260 kg, while a 140 kg powerlifter, whose strength is much greater, may not cover even half of this distance. This demonstrates that strength is an expression of the combination of a set of learned skills coupled with the balanced and coordinated action of numerous muscle groups, and the speed at which strength can be generated.

Strength is a gross movement skill performed to demonstrate the maximum strength that large muscle groups can develop with controlled movement.

Power and force measurement:

This size is arguably more appropriate for bodybuilders and most exercise enthusiasts as they are measured not in strength or performance competition but in a presentation that purposefully demonstrates a disciplined diet and training regimen. goals.

The general public is usually more motivated by image and social response in adopting the goals of health improvement or improvement in physical function.

Size can be measured in several ways: body weight; arm/thigh circumference; clothing size; specific measures that include symmetry as a goal; and even high-tech measurements of muscle volume.

When considering size, bodybuilders also take into account the composition of the gain (i.e. muscle mass).

Combining different steroid drugs

Most articles of this type will focus on steroids which obviously can only supply energy/strength or size.

This is not really a practical experience of using AAS by the community. Of course, most will see that the benefits are quickly realized from a single de ester cycle.

However, once a person has developed muscle mass on a substantial basis and has previously been exposed to AAS, an “optimal” response usually requires a combination of several agents. There is a saying that “no cycle brings such satisfaction as the first.”

Combining different steroid drugs

Therefore, before discussing unique types or examples of AAS that may be more suitable for improving power, strength, or size, it is important to consider what decades of experience with AAS users have identified as the basis for drug-induced advances.

It is useless to discuss the gains brought about by AAS unless the focus is primarily on exercise and diet and lifestyle.

AAS help increase exercise response and tolerance to the stress of exercise and diet. Thus, any success associated with taking AAS is based on proper training and proper nutrition. Consider these two factors first so that the medical, legal, and social risks associated with the use of AAS do not cease to lead to expected benefits due to poor planning or execution.

For those taking one type of AAS, there are definitely differences between different AAS that may preferentially increase potency, strength, or size. However, the main factors influencing the decision are availability and ease of use. This explains the popularity of oral AAS, in particular, dianaboloxandrolone, oxymetholone and other stanozolol.

Dianabol and others like it have been very effective in increasing power and strength, as evidenced by the gold medals of athletes from East Germany.

It is interesting to note that East German protocols called for lower doses for “qualified” athletes, as opposed to Olympic athletes and shot putters. In addition, these oral AAS are also effective for mass gain, although not qualitatively.

For this, the most suitable single agent may be stanozolol or oxandrolone, although the amount of added mass is much less, as well as the strength of the increase to some extent. This remains true in modern times, as Ben Jonson’s infamous rise in his Olympic record win was due to the discovery of stanozolol, and many Major League Baseball players have also tested positive for stanozolol.

A trenbolone, serves to enhance muscle growth and differentiation of satellite cells, followed by the fusion of myoblasts with muscle fibers. It is also a “dry” steroid in the sense that it won’t add much body mass besides muscle growth. These are the factors that are required in training to achieve strength and success, as demonstrated by Olympic and professional athletes.

A oxymetholone oral preparation is extremely effective and provides a rapid increase in size and strength and can be used immediately before or after training. It affects the user’s mental state and mood, increasing aggressiveness and pain tolerance. Unfortunately, it is also hepatotoxic (damaging the liver).

Testosterone O propionate is an aromatizable AAS, and the change in muscle and bone mass observed with testosterone is related not only to the cumulative dose, but also to the maximum concentration achieved. To achieve the same effect with long acting esters would require excess testosterone and side effects associated with DHT or estradiol conversion.

In addition, each of them is relatively affordable. Please note, this is again not a recommendation or endorsement. Carefully consider the consequences of any abuse of AAS and be aware of the many risks inherent in this practice.