Testosterone propionate: myths and reality

Testosterone propionate: myths and reality

Many athletes in the fight for championship use anabolic substances. The pharmacological market offers the buyer several types of steroids. All of them differ in impact and price. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for beginners to choose an effective remedy and get the maximum effect from it. Testosterone propionate is one of the most sought-after drugs in sports and among amateurs. This versatile steroid is used regardless of the sport and stage of preparation. The main advantage of this tool is the low concentration of water in the tissues during the period of application.

Testosterone propionate: myths and reality

Testosterone propionate – has a milder effect and a minimum of side effects. For this reason, athletes can use it during any period of preparation, whether it is a set of muscles or drying before competitions. Steroids have long been entrenched in the lives of athletes, even numerous bans have not affected their popularity. It is not surprising that in order to overcome such loads, the body must receive doping. Few ordinary people think that professional athletes spend most of their lives in training, and every year they have to increase their performance.

Taking testosterone will quickly increase your physical ability to gain strength and endurance. At the same time, high-quality muscle growth occurs during the period of use. To get all the positive qualities from the use of a steroid, you need to correctly calculate the dosage and take into account all the nuances. If the athlete uses the injectable form of the drug, he will be able to achieve results faster. After an injection, the active substance is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, increasing hormonal levels. The athlete feels a surge of strength and energy without side effects for the body. It is important to know that this tool has a powerful anabolic and androgenic index.

The effect of testosterone propionate can be both positive and negative if the anabolic is not used according to the rules:

  • Muscle growth in a large volume;
  • Increase in power and speed capabilities;
  • Prevention of catabolism;
  • Endurance, performance;
  • Strengthening the skeleton;
  • Increased sexual activity;
  • Good mood;
  • Fast metabolism;
  • Removal of subcutaneous fat;
  • Elasticity and relief of muscles;
  • Suppression of fatigue, reduction of pain during exercise;
  • Rapid recovery between workouts;
  • Improving concentration.

Aromatization is present during the course. If you do not take additional antiestrogens, negative consequences such as gynecomastia and high blood pressure may appear. To build muscle and avoid side effects, you need to control your hormonal levels, and also after 2 weeks start taking Clomid or Tamoxifen. Safety is the most important thing for the future career of every athlete. Many beginners try to achieve maximum muscle size in a short period of time, relying on the experience and external data of professionals. Most often, this leads to a number of irreversible consequences and disappointment. Propionate is suitable only for men, it causes virilization in girls, there are a lot of softer remedies for them. Before buying, pay attention to the quality, only the original pharma can bring positive success.

Testosterone propionate: myths about it

Each organism has individual characteristics and few will argue with this. If for someone the steroid has become an indispensable assistant in sports, for others it may be a real evil, as many beginners think. During the existence of this drug, and this is more than half a century, positive and negative rumors about testosterone propionate have formed. The main myths are the following opinions:

  • sagging muscles after the course;
  • infertility;
  • long recovery;
  • futility of application.
Testosterone propionate: myths about it

Unverified information gives rise to a lot of negative rumors and even horror stories. Beginners begin to bypass anabolic steroids, preferring expensive modern means, which cannot be said about professionals who know a lot about hormones. Of course, there is such an effect as muscle sagging, but it occurs not only with anabolic therapy, but also in sports practice without steroids. Such a process is possible if an athlete trains for a long time and quickly stops his career for one reason or another. You can also argue with the statement about impotence. On the cycle, the body stops producing its own testosterone, as it receives it from injections. At the end of the course during the recovery period, there are interruptions in erection, but this is a temporary phenomenon, if you take antiestrogens, you can avoid such consequences. As for infertility, a disease of this type can occur just because of a lack of male hormone. Learn the advice of a specialist or sports doctor to achieve the right result and benefit from anabolic therapy.

How to Take Testosterone Propionate Safely

For an athlete, it is important not only to gain muscle volume and win the competition, but also to maintain the achieved result without consequences for the body. Only a safe reception guarantees the athlete a further career. To correctly calculate the dosage, you need to contact a sports doctor, consult with a trainer. The doctor will be able to take into account all the nuances, contraindications will prescribe the appropriate tests. If you do not have the opportunity to visit a specialist, call our consultants and get answers to your questions free of charge. There is a standard scheme, using testosterone propionate at a dosage of 50 mg every other day for amateur beginners and 100 mg every other day for experienced athletes. Please note that even girls use this anabolic, but at a minimum dose of 50 mg per week, an increase in norms will provoke hormonal disorders in the female body.

How to Take Testosterone Propionate Safely

During the course, estrogens are formed in the body, which is detrimental to men. If measures are not taken in time, gynecomastia and a number of other negative consequences will occur. For this reason, from the second week of the course, you need to start taking aromatase inhibitors. A full steroid course consists of 6-8 weeks depending on the goal and well-being, it is not recommended to extend it. The drug can be combined with other steroid-type drugs, as well as growth hormone, peptides and fat burners.